1. How Did You Become Passionate About Business Growth?

Wow! You know, at a very early age, I started off with my own business. I think I actually started off at five. I’ve just been one of those people that’s just a serial entrepreneur. It’s just who I am.

I’ve seen the freedom that business can give to somebody, the rewards, but I’ve also seen the other side – the slippery slope of getting into business, being a technician, not really knowing – you know, really getting yourself a job and not really owning a business truly.

And so, through that, I’ve just gotten really passionate about growing businesses and helping other people do the same.

2. Which Daily Habits Have You Installed to Maximize Your Results with Clients?

I do a thing called the Hour of Power.

The biggest thing I do on a daily basis is I really work on my own mind. Get my mind right so I can actually deliver 100 percent each time I’m with a client. And then, right when I’m done with that, I actually work with each person on my team and work on their growth and to get their minds right.

Above and beyond that, when we go with a client, every day, we check the analytics. That’s one of the things that, as growth hackers, we have an advantage that no one’s ever had before. I mean, I used to run a print magazine and you just never knew who was reading it exactly. We made assumptions but never knew. Nowadays, we jump on and check the analytics, we can see exactly what’s happening on a moment’s notice.

We’re also checking news in those industries and alerts so we can stay ahead of the curve. Really, myself, I employ a high-level coach and I have coaches for each of my staff members that is besides me because I really feel, as a growth hacker and in our industry, we really need to invest in education. You know, you can’t see your own blind spots. So, having somebody else help you out is huge.

3. What Are the Top 3 Qualities that a Growth Hacker Should Have?

I would say number one would be integrity. I think, if you don’t have integrity in this industry as a growth hacker, you’re going to burn out quickly.

Above and beyond that, that should just be a standard. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Perseverance – as a growth hacker, you have to be able to push through.

You and I both know that there’s those long days that don’t seem to always go our way and you have to be able to really push through those.

I’d say the third quality would be a willingness – well, not even a willingness – maybe a need to try new things. I think, as a growth hacker, you have to have that burning desire that you just have to be able to break the system and rebuild it your own way.

4. How Do You Get Customers a Quick Win?

You know, there’s a lot of things that we do. You know, owning a full-service agency and owning a couple of businesses that are in that market.

But the thing that we found most beneficial for a quick win is really diving deep and helping a customer to find who their true market is. I think a lot of people have an idea who their market is. But, when we really do a buyer persona in a lot of depth, customers see that their marketing changes almost instantly. I don’t think we’ve ever continued a marketing strategy that we’ve picked up on and actually start seeing revenue increasing within the first week.

Above and beyond that, kind of a common thing is just really kind of hacking local SEO. We’ve been very good at figuring out what Google is really looking for – as well as Bing, but mainly Google. For our clients who are online and have a brick-and-mortar business, really giving them a strategy. They show it first when a client is searching for them on their phone or PC.

5. What Are Some Resources You Encourage People to Explore ?

There’s a lot of resources out there, I think I said it before.

Besides, I have a coach who I pay six figures to myself to keep me in line. I’m always investing in education.

But some resources on the digital marketing side of things would be DigitalMarketer.com – Ryan Deiss and his team have some great resources that are out there; Quick Sprout with Neil Patel – I think that’s a great site to go to; GrowthHackers.com – I think I like the community that’s there; and, obviously, your website’s fantastic too to get some stuff going on.